artist statement

exhibited boy around the world, MCA ARTBAR, curated by Julie Rrap

At the end of 2018, Ania decided to pursue a different creative discipline in the 3D industry.

Most recently she has successfully completed her postgraduate education at UTS Animal Logic Academy, with a Master of Animation and Visualisation.

Ania is still, and will always be a visual artist, whether that be traditional, digital, 2D or 3D work.


Ania (b. 1993, Perm, Russia) is an interdisciplinary graphic artist, predominantly working within the fields of traditional and digital printmaking, and illustration.


Ania’s work is highly autobiographical - her personal context constantly feeds into the highly symbolic images she forges. Seen through recurring motifs and subtle allusions are influences embedded in a rich visual preoccupation with film, literature and the poster. Furthermore, informed by extensive travel and research, her practice explores a milieu of historical and contemporary cultures. 


With inspiration so vast and fluctuating, the fundamental aim of Ania’s work is to continuously map out the alternative world within which these references seamlessly coexist. Through her dynamic and representational drawings, prints, animations and installations, Ania invites others to explore her uncanny universe - a meticulous construction; simultaneously intimate and enticing, yet somehow strange and unfamiliar.