coloured version small.png
my concept art for Subaqua
in-engine shot from Subaqua

I am an aspiring 3D artist with experience in concept art, modelling/sculpting, texturing/surfacing, real time game engine work and rendering. For the last 2 years I have been working casually as a 2D and 3D concept artist at Balarinji, an indigenous design studio. My main role is creating public art visualisations, by modelling, surfacing and rendering entire scenes.

In 2019 I completed a Master of Animation and Visualisation at UTS Animal Logic Academy (ALA). At ALA I demonstrated creative originality and strong artistic vision, through being assigned as the art lead of Subaqua - the innovative, real-time project developed by my cohort for the UTS data arena (running on UE4). In Subaqua, I not only established the aesthetic style of the experience, but was also part of the team that created the initial prototype. For the prototype I designed the entire world, surfaced all the assets and built the whole environment in Unity.


I proved to be an adaptable, fast learner, and was given the role of surfacing the main character of our animated short, Bounty Hunter. By working on the character and numerous other assets, I have gained experience working in Substance Painter and Katana + Pixar Renderman22. I understand the node based structure of Katana, as well as shading and lighting. Furthermore, I have experience in realtime lighting, in Unity, UE4 and Marmoset. Modelling software that I have experience in are Maya and Zbrush, and I can work in Windows, Mac and Linux. I have also worked with Shotgun, and understand production and asset pipelines.


Before ALA I had studied visual art in Sydney for 7 years, as well as in Cardiff and Tokyo. I am an experienced contemporary artist, with a prolific practice based in illustration, traditional printmaking, 2D animation, poster and graphic design. I believe that my artwork and achievements exemplify my strong work ethic and creative passion, which I have continued in my 3D work.